Columbus Stompers Donate over $2000 to Kaleidoscope Youth Center!

We are proud to announce that we raised and donated over $2000 to Kaleidoscope Youth Center at our Annual Stomper Show!  With that donation, the Stompers Give Back program has raised nearly $5000 this year alone! We are a community minded organization and proud to support our member-elected charities!

Thank you to everyone who participated and came out to support us and KYC!  To find out more about Kaleidoscope Youth Center, please visit 







  1. I am on the committee for Youngstown pride festival. I was wondering if your group would be interested in marching/dancing in our pride parade June 7th at noon in Youngstown Ohio with our 6th annual pride festival to follow? Let me know and I will forward details to you.

  2. Bill Costello

    Please contact me Bill at 614-338-9869 I am opening a new Premire Country Dance club in columbus and I have a great opportunity for some dance instructors as well as performance s for your group. Thank you!

  3. John and Julie

    What is the address of NYOH’s. Where exactly is it located on Olentangy?

  4. Do you do any square dances?

  5. Please contact me, Dennis 814-236-2999 we own a restaurant/bar in Grampian, Pennsylvania and would love to book you to enterain at our location. We’ve recently started having drag show’s – and for a rural area of PA, it’s been wonderful.

  6. When do you have lessons

  7. I am chairing the dance committee for the Columbus Arts Festival June 12-14, 2015. Would really like for you all to perform – please contact me at – my name is Mike Bruce

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